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What our customers say about us...


"Classic Tool understood what our engineers were trying to achieve and created exactly the part we needed. Where others had failed multiple times, Dave and Guil succeeded. We are indebted to them"
                        ∼ Bob A., Manufacturing

"You guys are great, thank you for a job well done"
                        ∼ Pat M., Consumer Products

"I had a thousand questions and Dave took the time to answer all of them. I knew enough about tooling to get into trouble and that was it. These guys never made me feel stupid and always explained things so that I understood them. Classic Tool is wonderful to work with."
                        ∼ Deb R., Industrial Products

"We will be back for more..."
                        ∼ John, Housing Products Manufacturer

"Classic Tool made me a hero at work. What others said could not be done — they did. My boss’s boss was impressed (he started in my job). I have used them since and they have always delivered."
                        ∼ Jim N., Industrial Fluid Fittings

"With their Quality System they told us when there was a problem with our part. They corrected the problem and that was it. Perfection, they delivered perfection."
                        ∼ Don L., Medical Devices

"Thank you Classic Tool, Inc."
                        ∼ Peter S., Aerospace Industry

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